1937 American Meccano Set 2

1949 Junior Erector No. 2

Unused New Condition…$125.00

1926 Märklin Set 0

Black Märklin, Nice…$95.00

1971 Mark 60 Erector Set

Packed In A Metal Chest With Outer Cardboard Display Carton

Unused And Unopened For 42 Years! Mint+++…$450.00


1971 Mark 60 Erector Set

Incredible Unused Set With Parts Still Factory Sealed

See Picture Below:

1952 Gilbert Party Puzzles

Here’s Fun for Boys and Girls or Grown-ups…

A Sure way To Pep Up A Party!

Contains 6 Puzzles:

Topsy-Turvy Rivets, Leo The Strong Man, The Great Turtle Race, Lucky Horseshoe, Atomic Bomb, Play Golf...$150.00

With your own hands, build models of the world’s greatest inventions

Say, Fellows! It’s Bully Fun To Build!...York, Pennsylvania, 1915