1931 Sensational No. 7 ½ Erector Set

Builds The Chassis and Over 400 Other Models


1939 No. 0 Meccano

Aeroplane Constructor

Unused and Mint Condition…$850.00


1994 Motorized Ferris Wheel

Like New…$150.00

1927 Erector Set No. 8

The Trumodel Set

3 Drum Hoist, Tip Bucket…Sold

1959 #10083  Gilbert Erector

The Amusement Park Set

Sound Effects Kit$950.00

Circa 1950’s MiniBrix

De Luxe Set…Sold

1956 No. 6 1/2  Gilbert Erector

The Electric Engine Set

Builds The Thrilling Airplane Ride…Sold

1935 Gilbert Kaster Kit No. 5

With Mold No. 5, Infantry


Movie Actor (Wild Cargo, Killer of the Amazon) Writer (Bring ‘Em Back Alive) and Collector of Wild Animals, Frank Buck was also a Guest on AC Gilbert’s Radio Adventure Show...1932

National Licorice Company of Brooklyn N.Y.

Champion Athlete Series

Chewing Gum Card No. 25, A. C. Gilbert, Champion Pole Vaulter

Front and Back of Card...1910