1956 No. 10 ½ Erector

The  Amusement Park SetSold

1958 #10021

Young Builder’s Set


1959 Comic Book


1931 No. 10 Gilbert Erector Set

The Climax of Erector Glory

(My Favorite)

1936 No. 10 ½

The World’s Champion No. 10 ½

Contains Reversing Electric Engine (P-51) and battery Motor (P-58). Builds the Giant 4-ft Locomotive and Tender and all other Erector models. Two How-To-Make-‘Em books. Packed in Powder blue box with crackle finish…$4,850.00

Text Box: For Sale: Some of my highest quality Antique A.C. GILBERT ERECTOR SETS are illustrated below and on the following pages. 
Many more available.

1958 #10072

The Musical Ferris Wheel Set

Sound Effects Kit$650.00

1926 Gilbert Erector Set No. 7 ½

Builds The White Truck and 543 Other Models…$1,250.00

1952 No. 7 ½ Gilbert Erector Set

The Engineer’s Set

A47 Electric Engine, Heavy Cardboard Box


1952 Advertisement…$65.00


Boys! Look at all the Spectacular Buzz-With-Action Models you can build