Text Box: Ferry Cross The Mersey
Stan Knight

 American Meccano Magazine..Feb-Mar 1920

Text Box: Model
of the

Which is Johnny?

Whimpered Percy Emtinoddle,

“Why, if everybody tries,

I can’t hope to see my model

Decorated with a prize!”


Just because he was weak hearted,

Thought the path ahead too steep,

Quit the race before he started,

Petered out without a peep.


What said Johnny Upandcoming?

“Gee! Who cares how many try

When my brain with schemes is


Just you watch me, I’ll get by!”


So he worked with skill and cunning,

Days and days to win that prize,

‘Till his model, done and running,

Stood before his eager eyes.


When the judges in convention

Sat to judge the entries keen,

Johnny’s model their attention

Claimed the moment it was seen.


“Ah! See there!” ejaculated

All the judges in accord;

“Such a model should be slated

For a really big award.”


Don’t you think it somewhat funny,

Just because the fight looked hot,

Perc’ let Johnny take the money

That he might as well have got?



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