1000 Toys
in One

1931’s Toy Sensation

4-foot reproduction of the New York Central’s  crack flyer, the locomotive of the 20th Century Limited. Built entirely with Erector. And you can build hundreds of other realistic models, too.

1931  20th Century No. 8 Erector

The Set that builds the Super Locomotive and over 398 other sensational models$3,950.00

1931 The Mile-A-Minute No. A Erector

The Set that Builds the Super Locomotive

and 12 other models$2,950.00

1932 The Worlds Champion No. 8 ½ Erector

Builds the Super Locomotive and Tender and 405 other fascinating models$4,850.00

1931 No. 8 Erector

Late 1933 No. 8...The Twentieth Century No. 8

This great railroad set brings heretofore undreamed of possibilities to construction toys. Assembled chassis...Sold